Monahans Sand Hills, West Texas: Travel Date Feb. 2013

After a day’s drive from Denver, I spent the night in Monahans Sandhills State Park, whose architecture appears to hail from the 1960’s.  This was a stopover on the way to Big Bend National Park, my first major southwest destination.  It felt exotic to enter Texas for the first time.  As a Coloradoan, there used to be a rivalry between our two states on the Colorado ski slopes (who knew how to ski, who was the most daring).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

West Texas has a relaxed character and friendly people.  An hour out of Monahans, I asked a gas station owner if she knew any shortcuts there.  She was not even aware of the state park, but had family in the town itself and confirmed my planned route.

The fine sand terrain shown in the photo is representative of West Texas as a whole; flat, dry, and barren.  Heading into Monahans from the north, strong fumes from oil and gas fields burned my throat and nostrils.  Thankfully I did not encounter any such fumes in Monahans or beyond.



About Jerry
Working in Corporate America for many years, I wanted to break free of the office walls for a bit and explore the world. Having put the pieces in place, I am first exploring the USA by road. Colleagues and friends expressed interest in my travels, giving rise to Office Escape. It is my honor to share my adventures.

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