Cuyahoga National Park, OH

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACuyahoga is a small park whose boundaries are mixed in with the Cleveland Metroparks system.  Located a few miles outside the city, the park features a dense deciduous forest with trees towering a hundred feet high.  An unusually helpful staffer at Metroparks gave me detailed and flawless directions to the one free campsite in the area.

Blue Hen Falls. Click to enlarge.

Blue Hen Falls. Click to enlarge.

Campers are typically cyclists touring the Towpath Trail that runs through the Cleveland metro area.  The tiny campground was full with only 3 tents on the ground including mine.  I went to bed early.  Two other campers woke me up when they walked in two hours later.  I thought I heard them checking out my tent.  Not knowing who I was dealing with, I kept my light off and quietly picked up my knife.  “Hello,” I called out.  A petite girl in her early twenties and her boyfriend returned the greeting.  They were merely getting into their own tent, and quarters were close.  The next morning the young man ripped a loud fart, and the girl voiced her displeasure.

Click to enlarge.

Click to enlarge.

About Jerry
Working in Corporate America for many years, I wanted to break free of the office walls for a bit and explore the world. Having put the pieces in place, I am first exploring the USA by road. Colleagues and friends expressed interest in my travels, giving rise to Office Escape. It is my honor to share my adventures.

2 Responses to Cuyahoga National Park, OH

  1. roberta4949 says:

    pretty park unfortunantly it is closed at the moment due to federal mandate.

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