Leaving the Cubicle Behind


I worked in Telecom and Financial Services for 16 years, advancing my way through positions as an analyst, supervisor, accountant, trader, you get the idea.  Eventually I hit a wall, and the comfortable office buildings could contain me no longer.  The jobs, people, and pay were nice, but for years I had yearned to travel.  I decided to do it.

The blog was born of friends’ and former colleagues’ requests for updates and photos.  I am honored that others are interested in my adventures.   The many millions who work hard in offices are welcome, and encouraged, to live vicariously through my travels.

Much of my itinerary is accessible to almost anyone with a decent paying job and a week or two of paid vacation.  Even if it’s a walk during lunch – Get out of the office, and get some sun on your face.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Welcome to the inaugural post.  The theme is a longtime corporate professional (me) escaping the confines of the office to see the world.  Each destination will be duly chronicled in its own blog post.

First up:  Road trips of several thousand miles to see the USA.   Trekking in Nepal and going to Thailand have become cliché.  There are many fascinating places and people to see here at home.  It seems fitting to see one’s own country before flying halfway around the world.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Then, I will focus on the more hardcore, remote, and primitive international venues.  Please join me from the comfort of your smartphone, tablet, or laptop!